Festival theme 2019: Transformation

We live in the age of transformation

It is about the climate on earth. It Is about how we live. And it is about how we understand the world – or rather about how we fail to understand it.

We live in the age of transformation. Where the places we meet are turned into echo chambers. Where groups of friends are turned into networks. Where lonliness has become a common ailment.

We live in the age of transformation. Not because of democratic choices or political visions, but because of unintended side effects of technological change. Side effects which accelerate at an almost incomprehensible speed. What was unthinkable yesterday is reality today. What is unthinkable today will be reality tomorrow.

In the age of transformation we need art and culture which stretches our imagination. Which makes us abandon established categories, which manages to discover new connections and which gives us hope that transformation is not just something that happens to us, but also something to which we can contrubute. For that is what we have to do.

Petter Fiskum Myhr
Trondheim International Olav’s Festival