As a large festival with a lot of visitors, we have a great environmental responsibility. We take this very seriously, and systematically work to make the festival as sustainable as possible.

Green transport

There are only a limited number of parking spaces in the city centre, so we encourage our guests to use other means of transportation.

Bicycle parking

We offer free bicycle parking at Ytre Kongsgård.
At sykledit.no you can calculate how long it will take to cycle to the festival area from where your are.

City bikes

Get around the town and to the festival area quickly! Trondheim City Bikes offers a city bike pass. This gives unlimited access to city bikes during the entire festival week for 129,-.

Register, get a bike and confirm delivery easily through an app. You can pick up and deliver the city bike at 55 stations throughout the city. Read more about city bikes and where the stations are, at trondheimbysykkel.noDo you wish to buy a city bike pass in advance? Contact post@trondheimbysykkel.no


The bus stops Prinsen kinosenter, Studentersamfundet, Prinsens gate and Kongens gate are all within five minutes walk from the festival area. For bus times and tickets: atb.no or call the info line 177 / 02820


Trondheim Central Station is a 15 minutes walk from the festival area. Time tables and tickets at vy.no

Cultural heritage, waste and recycling

Enjoy the fantastic area around the cathedral, Ytre Kongsgård and The Archbishop’s Courtyard. We take particular responsibility for cleanliness and order at our events, since they take place in areas of rich cultural heritage.

We recycle our waste in nine categories. Please help us to sort correctly:

  • Paper/cardboard
  • Glass/metal
  • Food/residual waste
  • Bottle return
  • Plastic foil
  • Electrical
    and electronic waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Wood
  • Horse manure

Olavsfest 2019 tar det globale plastproblemet alvorlig, og kutter også i 2019 bruk av plastglass til øl under alle våre konserter. Vi prøvde dette for første gang i 2018, og kuttet da over 12.000 plastglass. Vi serverer øl og mineralvann direkte i bokser og flasker, som deretter blir resirkulert i det norske pantesystemet.


Olavsfest samarbeider med leverandører som tilbyr økologisk og/eller kortreist, nærprodusert mat.


Vi følger strenge regler for å gi en best mulig lydopplevelse, samtidig som vi gjør det vi kan for å unngå unødvendig støy for nærområdet.

Environment beacon

Since 2010, Olav’s Festival has been certified as Miljøfyrtårn (Environment Beacon), the most used certificate of documented effort for the environment. Read more: www.miljofyrtarn.no

Our annual climate- and environment report can be ordered directly from us:

73 841450/info@olavsfestdagene.no