About the festival

TRONDHEIM INTERNATIONAL OLAVSFEST is a week of festivities and folklife at the end of July/beginning of August filled with quality concerts and conversations, with pilgrim walks and worship services, and with cultural experiences colourful and pleasing, for body and soul, enjoyment and reflection — in short, experiences that touch us, move us, do something to us. Experiences that give us something to take with us on life’s journey, to expand our horizons and strengthen us in our faith — whether in God or humanity, or in the world as a place where we can find meaning, each in our own way, each in our own fashion. A values-based meeting place that embraces, rather than excludes, and one that accentuates the meaning of faith, hope and justice working together with art and culture to expand our world of imagination.

Program 2021

Foto: Ole Martin Wold

Culture that expands our world of imagination.


Faith, hope and justice.


The Trondheim International Olavsfest is to be a forum for reflection at the intersection between faith and society, closely associated with Nidaros Cathedral as a national religious and cultural centre, anchored in the thousand-year-old tradition of St. Olaf’s Day.

In a multi-religious society, Trondheim International Olavsfest shall offer artistic and cultural activities that acknowledge the significance of faith and doubt for all peoples in all ages.

Each year during the week of St. Olaf’s Day, Trondheim International Olavsfest shall organize a festival relevant for today with well-defined associations with the past, of a quality that appeals to a wide audience, both national and international.