Olav's Market 2020

In 2020, Olav's Market will be bigger than ever.

Application form for exhibitors and organisations – apply by 29 February 2020

Olav’s Market takes place in the park surrounding the Nidaros Cathedral from July 28th to August 3rd 2020.

For centuries, pilgrims have been coming to Trondheim/Nidaros. At this location, they have been able to buy crafted goods of the highest quality from numerous traders. Olavsfest is keeping this tradition alive, with market stalls and cultural events.

This year, we are also putting up several tents and inviting organisations to move in Here, we would like people to be able to sit down for a chat, and we are also encouraging the organisations to host activities that will add life to the village. More about the new project (in Norwegian)

Our traditional market- and craft stalls are still going strong, and here we would like to exhibit a wide selection of quality goods. We have previously required our exhibitors to have a medieval theme, but since 2019 we are accepting a wider range of products. When considering applications, we are focusing on the following criteria: quality, sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation.

Please note that we don’t allow exhibitors to bring their own tents this year. Our own tents will be reserved for organisations, while craftsmen and exhibitors will be placed in our traditional stalls.

All organisations and exhibitors are required to keep the following opening hours (subject to change):

28/07 – 02/08: 10:00–18:00

03/08: 10:00–16:00

Our stalls and tents will be ready for move-in on Monday 27/07 between 14:00 and 20:00 – the specific time will be scheduled with each exhibitor in advance.

All tents and stalls are to be open until 16:00 on 03/08, and to be left empty by 18:00 on the same day.

There is electricity available in all tents and stalls, included in the rental fee.

Market Stall

The stall is approx. 2x3 meters, with a door on one short side and wide desks on the three other sides. It can be completely shut at night – please bring your own padlock for the door.

Craft Stall

The stall is 2x3 meters with one long side completely open. Please bring your own tarpaulin to place over the opening at night. This type of stall is reserved for exhibitors who are practicing their craft at the market.


Our tents are 3x3 meters and reserved for organisations. We would like these tents to be furnished in a way that invites visitors to sit down for a chat with you. You can rent simple furniture from us, or you can bring your own.

Prices in NOK excl. VAT:

Market stall: 12,900

Half a market stall: 6,450

Craft stall: 6,300

Tent: 8,000

In addition, an acceptance fee of 2,000 will be charged.

Acceptance fee to be paid by April 15th 2020.

Rental fee to be paid by July 1st 2020

Contact Information Olav’s Market


Project Manager: Sølvi Rotås Stokkeland

solvi.stokkeland@olavsfest.no // (+47) 975 26 532

Producer: Ola Rønning

ola.ronning@olavsfest.no // (+47) 977 29 343