Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir ends Olavsfest 2019

Welcome to the closing concert of Olav’s Festival 2019 with the talented young musicians of Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir!

The name of the choir sums up its philosophy: utopia and reality – from the start two totally different concepts, but by means of creative actitity and through the innate human need for change, the unimaginable can be realized.

Is it realistic or utopian to get talented young people from diverse song traditions to sing complicated contemporary music, and achieve a high artistic standard– in just a few days? Is it realistic or utopian to expect that these young ambassadors from their respective countries can convince their politicians to invest in culture, to make the world a better place?

The organist Paul Griffiths will also take part in the concert. As well as being a leading internatioinal organist, he is head of Dubai International Airport with daily responsibility for one of the world’s largest airports.

Messiaen: Les Enfants de Dieu 
Sandström: Credo
Duruflé: Requiem 
MacMillan: Miserere 

Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir is an international choir established in 2011 by two conductors Urša Lah from Slovenia and Ragnar Rasmussen from Norway. The choir brings together leading vocal talents from many different countries. It aims at performing at a high artist level, and at the same time encourages singers to think about the role of art in modern society. The choir project wants to develop young singers by emphasizing the role of the individual in a group. The idea is that each singer, encouraged by fellow choristers, will develop vocal skills, but also develop tolerance for other countries by becoming familiar with their song traditions.

The choir meets regularly for intensive periods of practice, usually in connection with festivals. The conductors practice with the singers both individually and with the choir, when necessary with the help of Skype and FaceTime.

The choir has given successful performances at international festivals, including some in China, Italy, Greece, Russia, Slovenia and Norway. It is engaged as “artist in residence” during the City of Derry International Choral Festival in Northern Irland and during the International Choral Festival in Hong Kong.

Closing concert
Nidaros Cathedral
Saturday 3. August 19:00
Ticket prices: From 275,- to 390,-