Rasmus and the World’s Best Summer Show

After last year’s success, there was absolutely no doubt about it: Olav’s Festival must get Rasmus and the World’s Best Summer Show back again to The Archbishop’s Courtyard.

– Transformation is your chance to be something, to go for possibilities. And now we have a chance to do something new in The Archbishop’s Courtyard, to invite an illusionist. That is something we have never done before. We have no idea how it will work out, but it will certainly be exciting!

Rasmus Rohde, songwriter and leader in Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band, says this about the concert they will give in The Archbishop’s Courtyard on Tuesday 30. July, almost exactly a year after their real family entertainment event in the same place.

-We were terrified that people wouldn't come, and were very happy and surprised that 2500 turned up in the heat. It's by far the biggest concert we've ever given, but hey sang along and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We even got in the church bells in "Mom and Dad's Song" so there a good atmosphere too.

Somethings were so successful last year that they are included this year too. All the children are encouraged to bring along their own bucket and spade, so that they can be part of a gigantic bucket-and-spade orchestra. And Rasmus will bring along a choir of children who want to be on stage and who volunteer in advance to learn the songs. Sign up and get info. her

However, since the theme for St. Olav’s Festival is TRANSFORMATION, there have to be some changes! This year’s big news is that the band – which will be enlarged from the usual trio to at least seven musicians – have an illusionist Lord Christian (Christian Wedøy) in the show, Lord Christian).

This Trønder is one of the Norway’s best illusionists, and for the time being he is in Spain where he has made it to the semifinal in «Spanish talents».

– Transformation also means that something that looks like one thing, turns out to be something completely different. Maybe he will make all the parents disappear, suggests Rasmus.

Everything changes, also the band. We've been on the go so long now that we have a new generation of fans. We have to do new things while at the same time being ourselves. So we try to repeat some of the things that worked well last year, but in addition we introduce things which make it a unique happening, explains Rasmus. 

Rasmus and the World’s Best Summer Show
The Archbishop’s Courtyard
Tuesday 30. July
Tickets: 150,- / 450,- (family)