NDR celebrates 150 years

Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop (NDR) is 150 years old this year, and offers many activities for all ages during the festival week.

Meeting place: The ticket booth in Olav's Market, unless otherwise specified.


Let the children try being a craftsworker in Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop.

What is it like to repair a building that is almost 1,000 years old and which has hundreds of stained glass windows and thousands of sculptures? Children can chip stones with hammer and chisel, forge their own sword ornaments and have a go at being lead glassworkers with craftsmen who work daily on restoring Nidaros Cathedral.

Monday to Saturday 12.00
From 8 years old
Price: 170,-

Knight school

Learn all you need to know to be a knight!

Long, long ago knights lived in The Archbishop's Palace. Their job was to protect the Archbishop. Would you like to be a knight? Are you brave enough to face The Dark Knight? Learn to build a shield castle and to shoot with a catapult.

Monday to Saturday 11.00
Age: 6-12 years old
Price: 140,-

Sculpture workshop

We believed that theremust be around 5,000 sculptures on and in Nidaros Cathedral. Throughout history, many sculptors and stone carvers have created large and small, beautiful and creepy figures outside and inside the cathedral. At the sculpture workshop, the children get to make their own sculpture inspired by the sculptures in the cathedral. They can take the sculptures home.  

Monday to Saturday 11.00–15.00
Meeting place: The museum in the Archbishop's Palace
Price: 140,-

Shadow theatre: If Nidaros Cathedral could talk

Come and see stories happening with your very own eyes!

For nearly 1,000 years, Nidaros Cathedral has stood in the middle of Trondheim. First as a magnificent cathedral, later as a ruin and now restored as Norway's national shrine. What would Nidaros Cathedral say if the walls could talk? Come along to a shadow theater performance where you will hear dramatic stories from the Middle Ages and from the restoration that started 150 years ago. And, what is it about that monk?

Monday to Saturday 14.00
Price: 140,-

will nidaros Cathedral ever be completed?

Those who work in Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop are often asked: "Will the cathedral ever be finished?" Restoration work has being going on for 150 years, but still craftsworkers are contunually involved in various projects. Rune Langås - former stonemason, now department director at NDR, invites you to walk with him around the cathedral to look at both completed and planned restoration tasks.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 14.00
Meeting place: The king's entrance on the south side of the cathedral
Price: 170,-

Build a cathedral: 150 years in 150 pictures

This year it is 150 years since the restoration of the dilapidated Nidaros Cathedral began in 1869. Since then, over six hundred artisans, artists, architects and scientists have together spent thousands of full work years together on this gigantic project: to restore Nidaros Cathedral as a national shrine. On the occasion of this anniversary, we present a cavalcade of historical pictures from these 150 years which together illustrate how the cathedral was rebuilt. An interesting lecture by Øystein Ekroll, archaeologist and researcher from NDR.

Monday and Friday 14.00
Meeting place: Rustkammeret (Armoury) in The Archbishop's Courtyard
Price: 170,-