Svein Tindberg: Når sleipe slanger hvisker

Come on into a world where Babel's Tower is the «silliest in Babble-rabble town»! 

A world where it rains marzipan and sticky buns from the sky in the middle of the desert, where the Prophet Jonah finds a whole scrap pile in the belly of a whale, and where poor Zacchaeus is bullied because he is so small – Tich Zacchaeus.

The texts are from Svein Tindberg's bookBible stories for children. He himself guides us through the concert version of the albumWhen slik snakes whisper, an album released in 2018.  

– This will be the first time we perform this material on stage, says Svein Tindberg.

– The Bible contains both poetry and songs. I am no theologian, but I know a lot about the theatre. The stories need more vitality, and some humour in the seriousness. Children love rhymes and playing with words and sounds. So when I tell these stories, I have tried to add a lot of wordplay, for the sake of enjoyment, says Tindberg. 

Rising star

Mimmi Tamba (picture) sings amusing, surprising and beautiful songs, in which she introduces us to biblical figures and stories in a new way. She is a rising star in the Norwegian art sky. She has participated in Stjernekamp, and has also had a role in the hit musical The Book of Mormon. She has also a central role in Lazarus, the musical based on David Bowie's lyrics and music. which has its premiere at Det Norske Teater in May.  

After the premiere, the reviewer in VG wrote that Lazarus was "a magical happening", adding that "Mimmia Tamba's charisma on stage and her singing voice have a strength that deeply stirs the heart roots." 

For its part Dagsavisen wrote: "Mimmi Tamba in the role of Girl was decidedly the highlight of tonight's show when early in the second act she performs Life On Mars? in a fanastically sensitive version.»

– perhaps not everyone has heard of Mimmi Tamba today – but I can guarantee that everyone will know who she is in ten years time, says Tindberg. 

Svein Tindberg

Geir Sundstøl (guitars and harmonica), Erland Dahlen (drums and percussion) and Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboard) create a rich soundscape for the stories. The melodies are composed by Peter Tindberg.  

Svein Tindberg binds the songs together with small stories in a casual but poetic way. 

Svein Tindberg will also give a lecture titled How can old Bible stories be interpreted and presented in a new form? in Hospitalskirka on 30. July.

– If you are not familiar with the Bible stories, you miss out on some keys to understanding both the contemporary setting, and paintings, music and poetry. But the fact that fewer and fewer know them, suggests that we are not telling them in the right way. So, I try to tell them in a new way and at the same time conserve their essence.