Motorpsycho with friends

Motorpsycho comes to Olav’s Festival and Byscenen with a commissioned work inspired by Håkon Gullvåg’s paintings. With them they have Ola Kvernberg, Lars Horntvethand video artist Boya Bøckman.

The work has its premier during Olav's Festival and will also be performed on the last day of the Øya Festival on Saturday 10. August.

Motorpsycho used Håkon Gullvåg’s art for the first time in their album The Tower (2017), which was a moral-ethical statement, strongly influenced by the presidential election in the USA. Collaboration with Gullvåg continued in the group’s next album, The Crucible, released in February 2019.

Continuing the partnership, Motorpsycho have written music especially for Olav’s Festival and Øya Festival. Although an autonomous work, it constitutes part of the cycle which is visually characterised by Gullvåg’s paintings. The combination of Motorpsycho and Gullvåg’s aesthetics has proved to be a perfect match.

In order to create a completely new and unique visuel universe, for this concert Motorpsycho cooperates with video artist and sound designer Boya Bøckman, who recently won the Hedda Award for best audio-visulel design in the performances Skipet vol. 5 Short cuts and the Bowie musical Lazarus.

Konsertene under Olavsfest 2019 og på Øyafestivalen framføres av Motorpsycho med venner, siden verket vil kreve en utvidet besetning. Det er nå bekreftet at Ola Kvernberg and Lars Horntveth will be two of the musicians.

As is already known, Håkon Gullvåg’s 60th anniversary will be marked by a number of exhibitions during the 2019 Olav’s Festival. Now in addition, there will be the premiere of a commissioned work based on precisely Gullvåg’s visual universe.

Motorpsycho move continually in and out of musical comfort zones, combining the experimental with the catchy, the unexpected with explicit references from the history of rock – while at the same time remaining first and foremost themselves.

Motorpsycho were also comissioned to write Konsert for folk flest (Concert for ordinary folk) ) for St. Olav Festival in 2014, where the text was from Johan Harstad’s Manifest for folk flest (Manifest for ordinary folk). Subsequent LP/CD, DVD and book received very good reviews.