Lisa Moore performs Philip Glass in Nidaros Cathedral

Pianist Lisa Moore interprets Metamorphosis, a work by Philip Glass inspired by Franz Kafka's Forvandlingen, in Nidaros Cathedral 

The American composer Philip Glass has become a superstar of American music as a result of his catchy tunes and his work with others. In addition to 25 operas, 12 symphonies and a host of other works, he has worked with personalities such as Doris Lessing, David Bowie, Allen Ginsberg and Woody Allen. 

In 1988, Philip Glass composed Metamorphosis inspired by Franz Kafka's most famous work, the short story Metamorphosis from 1915. The work has five parts, some written for a theater production of the Kafka short story, others written for the documentary film The Thin Blue Line by Errol Morris. This film helped to secure the release of an innocent person who was convicted of murder.  

Parts of the work were later used in films such as Battlestar Galactica and The Hours, samt  i  serien Person of Interest. The motif in Metamorphosis two is used by the band Pearl Jam as the opening number at all their concerts. 

New York-based Australian pianist Lisa Moore (picture) has been called "the queen of avant garde piano". She has worked with over 200 contemporary composers and performed solo and chamber concerts in the largest scenes all over the world. She has received awards for several of her thirty recordings.

I Nidarosdomen 1. august presenterer hun Philip Glass’ musikk fra sin innspilling Mad Rush, including all of his Metamorphosis


Philip Glass – Etude no.2
Philip Glass – Metamorphosis I – V
Martin Bresnick – Ishi’s Song
David Lang – Wed
Philip Glass – Mad Rush