Lind+Nilsen+Fuentes+Holm / Violet Road

It has been ten years since Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm had their last Norway tour. Now they are back, and will give their only concert in Trøndelag during Olav's Festival!

They will not be the only favorites on stage during the evening. Violet Road, considered one of Norway's best live bands, will help to create and even better atmosphere.

Last autumn, Espen and Kurt got together to play a bit of guitar, sing and reminisce. It was moreish. Good chemistry and the good feel quickly re-emerged. What had until then had been unmentionable was now completely unavoidable. After phone calls to Alejandro and Askil the conclusion was a resounding and unambiguous. yes!
Since then, the guys have had countless practice sessions, recording old songs from their previous albums and digging in the treasury of songs they love. The result is wild celebration of music - of Norwegian and international hits - including many popular and timeless songs.

- This will be fantastic fun both for us and the audience. We go right on in there and have a party every night we're on stage. We're gonna party like it's 2009, laughs Kurt.

Although they are now fathers and ten years older, these guys head out on a three-month tour this summer.

- It will be a travel in time in more than one sense. Our audience has also aged since we were last on the road. This time we've expanded our repertoire. More songs, wider range, bigger production and even more hits. Norwegian audiences deserve a party night like this - and we're looking forward to it, says Espen Lind.

Askil Holm from Namsos, promises that the audience will, of course, hear old favorites like Hallelujah and Boys of Summer, but that most of the songs are new this time. - It will be very familiar for those who saw us in 2006 and 2009. But even those who were children then will enjoy themselves. Good music and a good atmosphere reach everyone, says Askil.

What started with a quiet version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah on the Skavlan talk-show in 2006, lead to a nationwide tour, Spellemannpris and three sell-out concerts in Oslo Spektrum. In 2009, they repeated their success with a tour where they sold more than 120,000 concert tickets.

Fans were thrilled when Violet Road from Kåfjord in Troms released their fifth album, Lines Across Light, in the autumn of 2018. On the road again now, they present not only new songs and a tremendous joy of performing but also a phenomenal live show.

For over 10 years, Violet Road been making music and has built a solid musical catalogue, consisting of several radio hits as well as other powerful and catchy songs. A concert with Violet Road spans a wide range of music, and the band takes the audience both high and low on an emotional journey . - We're looking forward to it, can hardly wait, says band member Halvard Rundberg.

Violet Road. Photo: Daniel Mikkelsen

Lind, Nilsen, Fuentes, Holm / Violet Road
The Archbishop’s Courtyard
31. July 20.00
Tickets: 550,-