Håkon Gullvåg – Metamorphosis

With a total of twelve exhibitions throughout Trondheim, Olav's Festival and "Metamorphosis" provides a unique opportunity to see the entire bredth of Håkon Gullvåg's accomplishments.

Celebrations of Håkon Gullvåg's 60th birthday are already well underway, but he is saving the main celebration until this summer's Olav's Festival.

Gullvåg will exhibit in twelve places in the city during the festival week.


1. National portraits (National Portraits) - The Archbishop's Courtyard, Lavetthuset (adults: 160,-, children/students: 70,-, families: 390,-)
2. Brød og vin (Bread and wine) – EThe Archbishop's Courtyard, The Chapell
3. Kirkekunstneren (The Church artist) – Nidaros Cathedaral (adults: 110,- children/students: 45,- families: 265,-)
4. Lek med historiens ekko (Play with the echo of history) – Trondheim katedralskole, festsalen
5. Etter jakten (After the hunt) – Munkegata 15
6. Versjoner (Versions) – Galleri Ismene
7. Transformatoren – Gullvåg's house (120,-)
8. Den bibelske syklus (The biblical cycle) – Hospitalskirka
9. Tårnet (The tower) – Arbeiderforeningen/Byscenen
10. Vår Frue (Our Lady) – Church of Our Lady
11. Tronen (The throne) – Banksalen, Sparebank1 SMN (closed Saturday 03.08)
12. Oscar Wildes metamorfoser (The metamorphoses of Oscar Wilde) – Trondheim folkebibliotek

Free entry to nine of twelve exhibitions
The exceptions are the portrait exhibions in Lavetthuset, the exhibition in Nidaros Cathedral and well as the guided tours in Gullvåg's house. The ticket link here is for this last event.

All exhibitions are open from 11–16. The guides tours in Gullvåg's house are from 11–18, but you buy a ticket for a tour at a specific time.

The venues are far from random. They represent twelve points along two axes, one from the fjord to Nidaros Cathedral, the other from the old city gate at Skansen to the old town hall - with Torvet (The market place) as the meeting point. The outline takes the form of an overview of Midtbyen (The town centre) and of the wing of a butterfly - nature's most striking symbol of the metamorphosis. At the same time, the exhibition sites represent Trondheim's history, told through pillars such as church, knowledge, industry and commerce.

The phaintings exhibited show the breadth of Gullvåg's accomplishments. As one of Norway's most famous and used portrait artists, one of the exhibitions is devoted entirely to portrait art. In the Chapell in the Archbishop's Courtyard, there are communion paintings, those in the Church of Our Lady focus on the Maria figure, and there are also paintings in Nidaros Cathedral and Hospitalskirka. There is an exhibition in the old Sparebanken, while at the library there are works with literary connections. In Galleri Ismene there are graphics (the only sales exhibition). Gullvåg will also open his home at Hospitalsløkkan for the public for the first time. Here, there are guided tours every day during the festival.  

The opening of "Metamorphosis" will also be properly marked on the opening day of the festival, when Gullvåg meets and talks with Harald Stanghelle at the West Front. This occasion also marks the launch of Stanghelle's new and very comprehensive book on Gullvåg's art.