ÅGE and GUNNAR with Trondheimsolistene

If anyone can create an intimate concert in the mighty Nidaros Cathedral, it must be Åge Aleksandersen and Gunnar Pedersen with Trondheimsolistene for the first time.

Åge and Sambandet connect with big crowds. Åge and Gunnar connect with each and everyone of us. They stir the heartstrings. Warm and open, honest and sincere, genuine and fine. The songs are quite similar, but have different forms of expression. The texts materialize more clearly. They penetrate the skin, without forcing themselves. Versions developed for Olav’s Festival will be performed with Trondheimsolistene – and in Nidaros Cathedral.

By way of a break from the tumult of the rock scene with Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen and Samband guitarist and longstanding front figure Gunnar Pedersen have given duo concerts from time to time.

After almost 40 years, many albums, innumerable concerts and days on tour together, these two know each other out and in. How does that affect the music and the rapport between old friends when all the wrapping, the noise and the glitter are removed? When there is nothing left to hide behind?

Characteristically modest, Åge himself described the concept like this: – We just stop to chat and sing and play some songs.

The response from audiences and the press indicate, however, that the concerts are very much more. Old songs that we thought we knew well, get new meaning and new life. Åge and Gunnar reveal new sides of themselves both as musicians and storytellers.

Not only do they play, they talk too, unpretentiously, amusingly but with a serious undertone, as they have done in numerous culture centres, churches and parish halls throughout Norway. During Olav’s Festival they are in the national shrine, where for the occasion they bring along Trondheimsolistene to give the music additional colour and depth. Åge and Gunnar have always an array of string instruments with them, such as mandolin, siter and ukulele as well as various guitars.

As well as Åge’s own well-known compositions, he and Gunnar will perform lovely instrumental versions of classics such as Barnatro and O, store Gud, songs which often arouse such a strong response with audiences that they spontaneously burst into song.

This is sure to be a special celebration, for both the audience and Åge and Gunnar.